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There Are Human Beings in Australia Who Want to Build a Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper

"Beyoncé-inspired skyscraper" is a pretty fun phrase to type.

Melbourne, Australia seems nice. I've never been there, but every Australian I've ever met has been incredibly friendly (sometimes too friendly, to be honest), and speaks very highly of what it's like to live in Melbourne—apparently there's a pretty cool "arts" scene there and they really like "books." I don't know. It's Australia. Who cares. As far as I know, the streets are just full of crocodiles and kangaroos and everyone is drinking Fosters while saying "G'day!" and "Reckon!" and "No worries!"


But it's come to my attention that on top of these very accurate stereotypes, people in Melbourne, Australia also really, really, really like Beyoncé. Why? Well, some genius design and architecture firm called Elenberg Fraser has won planning approval for a 226-meter-high skyscraper (that's 741.47 feet) in Melbourne that will feature "a curvaceous form taken from a music video by Beyoncé," according to Dezeen magazine. Inspiration is pulled from those weird looking elastic fabric-covered dancers from Beyoncé's video for "Ghost" from her 2013 self-titled album.

The idea behind these curves is to make it as structurally efficient as possible while paying tibute to Queen Bey. I'm no architect but I guess that makes sense? It seems to be a residential structure, too, containing 660 apartments on top of a 160-room hotel. That's right, everyone. No completion date for the building is yet set, but it will soon be possible to kind of live inside of Beyoncé. I can't wait for Tom Cruise to jump off this building in the next Mission Impossible. What a time to be alive.