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PREMIERE: Night Beds - "Corner"

Here's a new cut from his imminent second LP—Winston Yellen's fallen for synths and it turns out they make excellent bed fellows.

Night Beds - Abe and Winston Yellen. It's only a few weeks before Night Beds, a.k.a. Winston Yellen's second LP, Ivywild, is set to drop and below is another marvelous taster from the imminent 16-track opus. Thus far he's leaked two previous tunes from the record, songs that nestle into a cloud of synths, very much in a Toro Y Moi/Washed Out vein, with some post-production manipulated vocals that bear just a whiff of R&B. "Corner," by contrast, is cleaner: all cascading harmonies (a little "White Winter Hymnal") and sparkling sonics. Still companionable for sure, but a split difference between the Night Beds we fell for circa 2013 and new era Night Beds. As it happens, the sketch of the song has been lurking around since the early days of the Colorado Springs-born, Nashville-based singer's career.


"I remember this was the first sketch I brought into Club Roar back in May 2012," says Yellen. "The spine of the song (keyboards/drums/bass/arrangement) came rather quickly. I was thinking about Victoria Legrand/Stevie Knicks whilst singing—their delivery is so legendary. I absolutely adore Ben Kaufman's Les Paul/Mary Ford guitar triplets along with Caleb Hickman's Sultry Sax and Steven Holmes baritone electric-guitar in unison. We played it out live on our last trip to Europe—was fun as fuck."

Apparently Ivywild melds his love of Bill Evans and J Dilla and is a record comprised of “sad sex jams" which also dives into the darkness of Yellen's penchant for destructive excess.

We're so into this already.

Ivywild is out on 8.7 via Dead Oceans