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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Get A Load of Barack Obama Singing "Uptown Funk" (But Not Really)

Hot damn.
Emma Garland
London, GB

This morning I turned yesterday's pants inside out and put them on because I haven't had time to do a wash yet, so I find it profoundly amazing that some people have enough time on their hands to go through hours of archive footage, cut it up and compile it into a one minute video just for those potential 15 minutes of BuzzFeed fame. Nevertheless, I am eternally thankful that YouTube user "barackdubs" exists and their sole purpose in life is to arrange video montages of Barack Obama singing everyone's favourite chart hits.

Most recently the POTUS with the mostess has inadvertently lent his sass to "Uptown Funk" aka the world's most porny bassline that Mark Ronson recently jazzed up (with trumpets, obviously). So if you want to see Obama say "hot damn" a lot in a wide range of power ties, look above. Apparently "Shake It Off" is next, which feels kind of lazy given that the main thrust of the song is three words repeated, but I'm sure we'll all do a silent lol when it comes to "this sick beat".

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