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PREMIERE: Azure Blue - "Reflections of Light"

Let's go back to school dance!

I’m at a school dance. The scent from the smoke machine blends oddly with the scent from my cheap perfume that smells like an old lady's. My eyes are stuck on the hands of the boy I like, which are carefully resting on another girl's bottocks. That undefied feeling of the first time you feel vibrations of music appears seconds after, when the boy choses to dance with me instead.

I get that very same feeling while listening to "Reflections of light".

Azure Blue, or Tobias Isaksson, will be releasing his third album Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea on May 13 via Hybris, from which "Reflections of Light" is taken. He's been playing frequently at various venues around Stockholm this spring and by coincidence he played at a VICE x That Fucking Party-party a few years back.

If you wanna check out his A game and maybe travel back to those hormonal school dancing days, don't miss out on his gig at Debaser Strand the 15th of May.

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