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The Best Thing That We Heard on Soundcloud This Week…

Sunni Colón - "Temple" (Demo)

"windows down, no A/C in the whip".
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

The internet isn’t a competition that can be “won” or a shop that can be “shut down”, it’s just really big. Approximately 3425 songs are uploaded to Soundcloud each day and starting now, we’re going to sort through them and present you with our favourites. This week:

“Windows down, no A/C in the whip” reads the preface to Sunni Colón’s “Temple”, a statement that has rendered my ability to not think about cruising the Pacific Coast Highway, top-down and drive-thru cup in hand, as obsolete. Even if you’re able to listen to it without thinking about navigating a bust-out BMW convertible into the sunset, leaving all your worries in last week, it’s an evocative image that encapsulates the resplendent freedom of the track.


Sunni, who is from Tokyo, Japan, currently has four tracks on his Soundcloud. They’re all demos, some cutting slightly short, and “Temple” is the best, soulful with tones of solitude, it won’t need to coax you into slamming the repeat button.

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