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The Brains behind Ren & Stimpy Have Made Enter Shikari a Gross New Video

There's a bit where a headless chicken says "c*nt".
Emma Garland
London, GB

Enter Shikari, also known as the only band to make it out of nu rave with their career in-tact, have dropped an animated video for their B-side track “Slipshod”.

Not only is the track itself largely at odds with their recent musical output, but the hand responsible for the animation is former Ren & Stimpy animator, Peter MacAdams. That should give you an idea of what to expect before you even attempt to watch it, and yes, it is every bit as gross as it sounds. Basically, the premise is that the four lads in polo shirts go into a crap upscale restaurant (called La Snoot) and have a massive fucking cob on with everything from the carpet to the cook. Featuring an array of shoddy teeth, sexual innuendo, and a swearing chicken for good measure, it’s like an episode of Monkey Dust set in a fictional Slug and Lettuce.


Thankfully, people of 2014 still aren’t used to viewing creative output that veers slightly left of the ordinary, so the YouTube conspiracy theorists came out in full force with a wide variety of ideas ranging from this:

To this:

The second comment seems a bit reductive, but they're probably on to something. Admittedly, I hadn’t listened to Enter Shikari in about five years before digesting this, but backdated as my knowledge is, it’s pretty obvious that this has been done for lolz. It’s an amazing musical retelling of the classic “four somethings go into a somewhere” joke, beginning with the line “Oi fucks, let's eat 'ere, it looks nice”.

From how Enter Shikari have found the sonic equivalent for how disgusting Ren & Stimpy is, to the bit where a headless chicken says “cunt”, you just can't fault a video which channels a 90s cartoon that entertained more stoner kids than Jimi Hendrix posters and The Big Lebowski combined.

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