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We Got Attacked by the Far Right in Brighton On Sunday

So much for the 'March For England' being a peaceful celebration.

Every year, a bunch of English nationalists celebrate St George's Day by marauding around Brighton, screaming about Muslims and getting into fights. Sunday was no exception.

The March For England (or MFE) is organised and supported by various small far-right groups – basically think of the English Defence League (EDL) but somehow even less popular. Since the implosion of the EDL, there have been attempts to re-unite the far right under something called the “United British Patriots” and Sunday was their first big public outing.


In the past, the MFE has been billed as a family friendly kind of event, the sort of thing that would just be a bunch of smiling kids waggling around St George's Cross flags and eating chips if it weren't for the presence of mischief-making antifascists. In reality, it's always been a lot more violent.

This year, MFE’s pre-match propaganda dropped the pretence and left little doubt that aggro was the order of the day.

It seems that MFE targets Brighton for no reason other than that it is probably the most liberal, tolerant town in the UK. Previous years have seen MFE laughed, jeered and punched out of town. So, you might have thought they would go somewhere else – somewhere more tolerant of their intolerance – but you would be wrong. I went down to the seaside to find out if they would have just as bad a time this year.

As we drove into town it was busy with police and black-bloc clad antifa. In town, the MFE members found themselves corralled into a Wetherspoons, trading insults with antifascists over the heads of a line of cops. “Fascists!” one side would shout. “No, you’re the fascists!” came the reply. It was pretty childish but then these things generally are.

One of the antifascists shouted, “You’re stuck in a pub, that’s where racists deserve to be!” To be honest, I can think of worse gulags than a place where you can get a beer and burger for £6.

After a while, the police moved the marchers on towards the starting point, to the relief of some non-fascist punters who made “We only came for breakfast” signs and pushed them against the window.


Now that they were out of the pub, the nationalists had the march itself to look forward to. It was the reason they'd all come: to walk 400 metres along the seafront, hermetically sealed in a police cordon, getting pelted with insults by antifascists and soaked by the rain. And then walk the 400 metres back again.

As usual, the English Disco Lovers were out in force. There’s a small part of me that thinks this kind of protest is hatefully twee. But there’s something about blasting ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” at a load of meatheads that is undeniably quite funny.

At several points along the way, people hung anti-racist banners out of their windows – a convenient way to tell MFE to fuck off without getting drenched by the rain or attacked by thugs.

Their short walk over, MFE were marched back up the road to the station. At this stage, the police grip on things loosened up a bit, leading to a lot of awkward confrontations between passing fascists and antifascists, including the one pictured here, in which the man in the Adidas windbreaker and an elderly gentleman pretended not to hear each other for about a minute, exchanging muttered insults, you-what-mates and I-beg-your-pardon-I’m-not-speaking-to-yous.

It ended with the MFE cheering because someone unfurled a St George’s cross flag, which they took as some kind of moral victory.

The MFE was very slowly escorted towards the station in a moving kettle, jeered all the way by angry Brightonians, and a Chelsea fan who shouted, “[I’ve been] Chelsea for 20 years and never a fascist! Chelsea isn’t fascist except for maybe 200 season-ticket holders!”


It was at this point that we decided to cut down a side street to get ahead and find a better vantage point. Breaking away from the protective mass of cops and antifascists proved to be a bad plan. Walking along the street, I heard shouting from behind me along the lines of, “COME ON THEN!” Turning, I saw a group of thugs marching towards us, two of whom were breaking into a sprint, leaving their friends behind and shouting things like “Give me that camera, you cunt,” at Tom, the VICE photographer.

Obviously he didn’t want to give up his camera and I didn’t want to endanger my beautiful, beautiful face, so we started running away.

The guy pictured here on the right caught up to Tom and managed to land a couple of crap punches on the back of his head. I turned back and watched as he went for a third and failed to connect, the force of his own momentum sending him spinning into a wall. Meanwhile, the guy on the left was spreading his arms and screaming, “LET’S FUCKING HAVE IT!” at me, his face fizzing like a condom full of Coke and Mentos. Thankfully, Tom’s assailant keeling over gave us the couple of seconds we needed to put some distance between them and ourselves.

Around the corner, we were relieved to find a bunch of antifascists and police. But when he caught up, Tom’s attacker was in no mood to concede that he was both outnumbered by his enemies and surrounded by cops.

For some reason, he really, really wanted to attack us.


Before long, they were all being arrested. I'm not gonna lie; it was pretty cathartic watching the guys who just attacked us getting their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Further up the road towards the station, a load of metal barriers were being used for road works, so for whatever reason, the antifascists decided to build a barricade.

For good measure they reinforced it with some traffic cones, road signs and up-turned pub tables. Soon, the chant, “Alerta! Alerta! Antifascista!” was filling the air.

But they quickly fell back in the face of the advancing cops, leading to an uneasy standoff. Eventually, the lines of police arranged themselves in a way that made it clear a kettle was being created. Most people scarpered, not wanting to spend the rest of the day in indefinite detention. The MFE were put on trains home, ending another crappy day out.

Another year, another fascist day trip, another reminder that nearly everyone in Brighton really, really doesn’t like nationalists.

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