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Shorties: A Quick Chat with Russell Brand

We sat down with Russell Brand to discuss his grand vision of revolution.

Russell Brand made his name as a provocateur, but recently his voice of dissent has grown louder and louder, threatening to drown out the clownish Booky Wook image he spent a decade building. Nowadays, the radical raconteur is as well known for gunning down US news reporters and setting the world to rights on his news commentary show The Trews as he is for his stand-up and aborted marriage to Katy Perry.

After causing controversy by telling everyone in the UK to stop voting, he's followed up with a new book – Revolution – that lays out his manifesto for a world of less work and more play. This recent call to arms has invited widespread criticism not so much for the ideology, but the platform; like Bono, Gwyneth and Angelina, he's another celebrity to swap Hollywood for humanitarianism, and there are plenty of people not best pleased about that.

In a new episode of Shorties, we sat down with Russell for a quick chat about his vision for a better world. While it may well be the case that the incumbent political system isn't serving us, is Russell's brand of revolution really the answer?