We Asked the P3 Guld Nominees to Take a Selfie

How does it feel to get nominated for a P3 Guld award? We asked the nominees to explain with a selfie.

av Camila-Catalina Fernandez
2016 01 15, 8:00am

All photos courtesy of the artists

Tomorrow, some of the best Swedish artists from 2015 will be crowned as winners at the P3 Guld gala in Gothenburg. The listeners of the radio channel P3 have voted for their favourite artist along with a special jury. A few lucky winners will be going home with the honour, an award made of glas and gold and probably a sick hangover.

But even just being nominated to such a fine prize is worth celebrating. We asked some of the nominees to take a selfie that symbolized how they felt when they got nominated.

Erik Lundin, nominated for the Best Hip Hop/Soul act of the year:

Dolores Haze, nominated for the best Shooting Stars and Rock band of the year:

Silvana Imam, nominated for the Gold mike for best live act:

José González, nominated for the Gold mike for best live act:

Zara Larsson, nominated for the artist of the year and the song of the year:

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