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Mini Fried Chicken Hors d'Oeuvres

Dirty fried chicken doesn't have to be from Dixy's at 3AM on a Friday night.


Dirty fried chicken doesn't have to be from Dixy's at 3AM on a Friday night, nor does it have to be fifteen quid at a faux high-end chain restaurant, eaten by candlelight with a bunch of pretentious bell-ends. You can make fancy ass chicken hors d'oeuvres in the comfort of your own home!

Lots x chicken breasts
1 x pack chicken wings
1 x pack bacon
1 x pack of floppy cheese
1 x lettuce and tomatoes
1 x pack of tortillas Batter
1 x cup plain flour
1 x egg
1/2 x cup beer
1/2 x tspn baking powder
seasoning, salt, cayenne pepper Step 1.


Par-boil some chicken strips for your zingers, chunks for your double-downs and wings for your, erm, wings. Set aside.

Step 2.

Dump all your batter ingredients in a bowl and whisk until thick.

Step 3.

Next, smother your chicken pieces in the creamy batter.

Step 4.

Dump in a deep-fryer and cook until golden and delicious looking.

Step 5.

Wrap up your zingers and build the double-downs by sandwiching together some heart attack bacon rashers and floppy cheese. Yum!

Step 6.

To wash that all down, make a nuggetini by shaking together in a dirty ol'jar some chocolate milkshake, irish cream liqueur and a splash of vodka. Pour into a martini glass with a burger sauce dipped rim. And voila!




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