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Do You Care About What's Happening in Egypt Right Now?

"The latest news that I’ve heard from Egypt is that they have a roller derby team in Cairo."

(Photo by Justin Wilkes)

Turn on your television. Look at the news. You see all those thousands of people congregating in Cairo calling for their president, Mohamed Morsi, to resign? What do you think about that? Do you care? Or are they just more louts looking for an excuse to shout about stuff and set cars on fire?

I wanted to know what the British public thought so I went to ask them a question: Do you care about what's happening in Egypt right now?


Malena (left) and Kristen.

Malena: I’m not really sure what you’re referring to here, but the latest news that I’ve heard from Egypt is that they have a roller derby team in Cairo.

VICE: That’s cool.
Yeah, it’s possibly the first roller derby team in Africa.

And in the Arab world, too?
Yeah, it’s historical. It’s quite revolutionary.
Kristen: And really important.

Yeah, it's probably the most important thing happening there at the moment.
Malena: It's a little bubble where people can create their own happiness.

Great. Thanks, guys.

Nicola (left) and Marina.

Nicola: Yes, but I’m not entirely sure exactly what’s happening. My boyfriend knows a lot more about it than I do.

What needs to happen for everyone to give more of a shit?
We need to feel like we’re connected to the rest of the world.
Marina: People just take the information they’re fed, which is quite vague, generally speaking.

And it's too much of an effort for people to investigate?
Yeah, it takes a lot of work to dig deeper into these things and find out what’s going on.

Augustin: I’m not really sure what’s going on in Egypt.

It’s basically the Egyptian revolution, round two.
It must be pretty frustrating for them out there. I’m in solidarity with them, yeah. Revolutions are pretty time consuming – not the sort of thing you want to go through every other year.

Too right, mate.

Vicky: It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? There have been quite a few reports of women being sexually assaulted by groups of men.

Yeah, it's awful.
It’s just sad, really. They’re trying to sort their country out, then certain people try to take advantage in a really disgusting way.

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