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Fuck, Marry, Kill? Chris Martin, Usher and Example

We asked a bunch of people the most important question in the world.

It's the oldest question in the world: Fuck, marry or kill?

Last weekend at Wembley Stadium, Capital FM provided a live concert to thousands of mainstream radio's chirpiest fans. Three of the most sexually contentious men in music happened to be playing: Usher, Chris Martin from Coldplay, and Example – the Slug and Lettuce Rakim.

We wanted to take the sexual temperature of the nation, so we hit the streets to ask the oldest question in the world: If you



had to, who would you fuck, marry and kill out of Example, Usher and Chris Martin? Karina, 23 and Astria, 30. Noisey: Who are you most looking forward to today?
Astria: Coldplay. Cool. What about Example and Usher?
Both: Yeah. Out of Chris Martin, Usher and Example who would you fuck, marry and kill?
Astria: Oh, shag Example, definitely. He's gorgeous! I think Chris Martin's more of a marrying type, isn't he? Why? Because he is married?
Yeah. What would Example be like in the bedroom?
Astria: I think he'd be dirrrty. I think he'd like to pull my hair, slap me, call me a dirty girl.
Karina: Astria! But yeah, he would destroy you.
Astria: He could definitely smash my backdoors in.

Good to know. Anyway, how would you kill Usher?
Karina: Pillow over his face?
Astria: Yeah, he's gotta go. I mean he's not done any good songs in ages, has he?

I dunno, everyone loved "Climax". Cheers though!

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