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This Japanese Tea Is Supposed to Taste Like Anime Girl Sweat

The tea that combines the nation's insatiable appetites for both tea and sexy anime.
Photo via Flickr user Kalle Gustafsson

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES.

Japan is a land of opportunity for food enthusiasts.

It's a place where mad scientists make neon-coloured udon noodles, young men make out withhomoerotic pocky sticks, and onions are slathered in heaps of butter, then shared on social media.

These kinds of experiments might sound a little weird for those who are unfamiliar with the Japanese fetishization of food, but they all seem rather tame compared with a tea that combines the nation's insatiable appetites for both tea and sexy anime.


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According to RocketNews24, Japanese consumers can now satisfy their cravings for a tea that tastes like the sweat of a fictional animated character. The beverage, which was released by a design firm called Muku, claims to be a product "born from the pure desire of wanting to drink a beautiful girl's sweat."

The packaging shows an anime girl with enormous breasts sitting, and presumably sweating, in a tiny teacup. But the risqué imagery is offset by some subtle wordplay. "Beautiful Girl T Bag's unorthodox spelling is almost certainly to evoke thoughts of T-back panties, as 'bag' and 'back' are written almost identically in Japanese," RocketNews24 reports.

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Still, trashy branding doesn't mean that the tea won't be of the highest quality. Muku promises that their tea leaves will be purchased from "a top-class tea provider in the Kanto region [east Japan]," and available at various "national anime specialty store chains."

The company has yet to find a recognizable anime character to use for their sweat-flavoured tea bags but are planning on "looking for creative partners who'd like to license their characters for use," RocketNews24 reports.

So while this project is still in its infancy, if you're into infused drinks, sweat, and anime girls, Beautiful Girl T Bag might just be your… cup of tea.