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Self-Portrait as Nun with Some of My Mother’s Favourite Famous People

Jaimie was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of her most sprawling work to date.

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Hair and Makeup: Lee Heinemann
Costumes: Lindsey Griffith and Lee Heinemann
Props and Styling Led by Jaimie Warren
Lighting: Kevin Schowengerdt and Zach Van Benthusen

With assistance from Matt Roche, Allison Sandoval, Sara Haug, Nathan Henry, Johanna Brooks, Erin Zona, Casey Dobbins, Ari Fish, Marie Dougherty, Cydney Ross, Rochelle Brickner-Owings, Brandon Nemeth, and Jordan Hauser


Jaimie was kind enough to stay up for 156.3 hours straight to give us a sneak peek of what, when complete, will undoubtedly be her most sprawling, awe-inspiring and masterful work to date: the first of five panels in a photographic reinterpretation of Renaissance painter Fra Angelico's massive San Marco Altarpiece. Appropriately, Jaimie collaborated with her mother for spiritual and artistic advice, which resulted in the inclusion of Buckwheat Zydeco, the members of Pink Floyd, Mr Peanut and Ghostface from the Scream movies. When it's all finished, Jaimie tells us that there will be some sort of Stevie Wonder music video to go along with the piece. No idea what that means, but the anticipation has resulted in all sorts of business happening in our pants.

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