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Protests Continue in War-Torn Cairo

Pro-army Egyptians chanted for protesters to go home.

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The past week in Egypt sounds like a scene from a horror movie: Muslim Brotherhood members burned Egypt's churches, the Egyptian military massacred pro-Morsi protesters and so many people lost their lives that the mosques were turned into morgues.

On Sunday, after four days of facing off with the Egyptian army, bloody battles in Cairo, and a body count close to 1,000, the Muslim Brotherhood cancelled all planned marches and protests, citing security reasons and fearing for people's safety. On Monday, when pro-Morsi marches were reinstated all around Cairo and in Giza, the number of protesters dropped down to dozens. Only after a couple of hours in Giza, verbal altercations took place between nearby civilians and the protesters. The pro-army Egyptian citizens started cursing at the pro-Morsi supporters, shouting at them to go home and chanting the name of the army's leader: General Abdel Fatah el-Sissi. Meanwhile, Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood's "Supreme Guide," was arrested in Cairo for inciting violence on Tuesday. Many are wondering if the country's fate looks like Syria's, with civil war in the future.


VICE's Wail Gzoly has been on the ground, covering and sending us footage from the escalding crisis.

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