Brazil's Confederations Cup Ended in Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets


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Brazil's Confederations Cup Ended in Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets

Which is one way to celebrate.

For anyone not from Brazil, the country's recent protests have been bemusing. Everything you're taught about the place begins with Pele and ends with Neymar, yet here are Brazilians telling FIFA to stick their World Cup up their arse.

Anyway, two days ago, the Confederations Cup drew to a close in Rio de Janeiro, with Brazil beating Spain 3-0. But outside the stadium, the popular rage continued to bubble violently away.


Early on Sunday morning, 6,000 police officers – with help from members of the Federal Highway Police, the National Force, the army and the Home Guard – established the so-called "FIFA perimeter", a two-mile radius barricade around the stadium. Only those who had tickets could pass, and locals were only allowed through after presenting proof of residence.

Though the police obviously felt sufficiently threatened into using tear gas and rubber bullets (one of which totalled my left leg), the numbers of protesters were less significant than in the previous week’s demonstrations.

Clashes between police and protesters outside the Maracanã. Vídeo courtesy of Thomás de Oliveira.

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