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Atlanta: Strip City - Trailer

JFK explores what it's really like to dance naked for money in the strip club capital of the world.

Until last year, twerking was the preserve of strip clubs and south London dancehall nights. Now, it's a word that your great-aunt has probably said out loud, thanks to Miley Cyrus dry-humping that old man's leg at the VMAs and op-ed writers all over the world losing their collective shit for far longer than they needed to. In Atlanta: Strip City, we travel to Atlanta, the city whose strip clubs pioneered the booty clap back when Miley was still learning to walk. Jo Fuertes-Knight hears firsthand from the superstar strippers of ATL how they feel about the music industry's appropriation of their world, sits down for a consultation with a buttock implant doctor, tries out a "twerk-cercise" class and investigates "stripping licenses", which allow the state of Georgia to profit from the enduring popularity of watching women take their clothes off onstage. With unique access to three of the city's most notorious strip clubs, their best-known dancers, management and loyal customers, Atlanta: Strip City explores what it's really like to get naked and dance for money in the strip club capital of the world.