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Artist Paul McCarthy Designed Surreal Skate Decks for Charity

The absurdist artist collaborated with nonprofit Skateistan to sell his work in order to raise money for Africa's first skate school.

Photos by Nick Gazin.

Here at VICE we're fans of absurdist artist Paul McCarthy, skateboarding, and introducing new people to both. So when we heard that the man who recently installed an 24-metre-tall inflatable butt plug sculpture in the middle of Paris (and called it Tree, no less) was designing skate decks to raise money for a charity that aims to create a skate school in Johannesburg, it seemed in our best interest to check the goodwill event at MoMA over the weekend.


In collaboration with the Skateroom and Skateistan, McCarthy created a run of 250 skate decks using images from his 1991 project PROPO. The boards on display at MoMA included pictures of gnarly old bottles of ketchup, creepy doll heads, and other cultural detritus that looked as if a Mike Kelley exhibition was uncovered from a landfill near a nuclear waste site. Through sales of this collection, organisers hope to raise $200,000 in order to fund what could be the African continent's first skate school.

Regardless, the boards are cool and buying one could help other kids shred, so head over to the Skateroom's site to donate.

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