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An Idiot Made a Game Called 'Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015'

It features the prophet, gay sex, animals and poop, but its creator claims it's not intended to be an attack on anyone's faith.

A screenshot from the game

An idiot has made a video game depicting the prophet Muhammad and released it on the internet. The game is called Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 and screenshots posted online show a naked bearded man wearing a turban engaging in various sex acts with a range of partners, including other men and assorted animals.

In the words of its creator, someone known as gizmo01942, " Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 puts you in the shoes of one of history's most notable and controversial religious figures. Unleash your inner sex demon as you enjoy a wide variety of carnal acts with an assortment of creatures, from goats to pigs to gangs of men."


If you're asking why a game that takes a figure revered by an estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide, and then combines it with scat play and bestiality, was released so soon after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, well the game opens with a "Je Suis Charlie" graphic. That attack, in which 12 people were killed, was carried out in response to cartoon representations of the revered religious figure.

In the aftermath, there was much shouting about the importance of free speech. Some conservative commentators dubbed this hypocrisy, saying if Hebdo had the right to print their controversial cartoons without fear of reprisals, then the right to be a pointlessly provocative asshole should also be upheld. This could either be part of that, or an insanely labour-intensive attempt at being murdered in order to win a Darwin Award.

While Muhammad has appeared in a few cartoons over the years, he's been a rarer sight in video game pixels. But there are some examples. 2009's Faith Fighter allowed players to choose from a small pantheon of top-shelf deities, including Jesus, Buddha and Ganesh. Players using Muhammad were also given the option of blurring out his face.

2008's Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide called on its players to kill Muslims in droves before facing off against Muhammad as a boss character in the final level. A crudely conceived and executed top-down shooter, it was defended at the time as a work of satire.

So is satire also the reason Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 exists? In a statement on internet forum Encyclopaedia Dramatica, gizmo01942 takes responsibility for the game, if not for any of offence it may cause. "It should be obvious," the statement reads, "but I want to make it clear this is not intended as a serious attack on anyone's faith nor is it meant as a serious critique of any real-life historical figures."

The post goes on to claim that the game is a statement of "free speech absolutism" and that the maker refuses to be part of the "cycle of hate". As for the circle of jerk, well that seems sadly unavoidable at this point.