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What’s Been Happening at Grolsch Film Works?

Remember the guys we made "The Fourth Dimension" with? They've got a new blog. Here are some recent highlights.

Earlier this year, VICE Films and Grolsch Film Works teamed up to make a three-part film called The Fourth Dimension. A mindfuck brief was written by VICE’s creative director Eddy Moretti and delivered to three of the world's most acclaimed filmmakers; Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski. The results were chaotic, unpredictable and Val Kilmer on a BMX delivering a motivational speech to some topless guys in a car park. Cinematic dynamite. Anyway, Grolsch Film Works have a new website where you can find out what they’ve been up to and read/ watch entertaining and interesting stuff about films (and stuff). Every week we'll be plucking the highlights. This is that. LOVE SUCKS In the words of the poet-tattooist Ed Hardy, “LOVE KILLS SLOWLY”. Worse than that, first love – if cinema is anything to go by – kills so slowly as to leave one in a state of emotional semi-vegetation for a long and uninspiring period of years. Failed love affairs have been a staple of cinematic history, and in amongst those first arrows of love and despair, we have that painful subset of films about first loves gone sour. READ FULL STORY


MOVIES ABOUT MUSIC As Kevin MacDonald’s exhaustive profile of enigmatic reggae legend Bob Marley hits screens internationally, it seems as good a time as any to cast an eye over the ever-intriguing genre of the music documentary. Whether you’re after genuine musical talent, pomp, circumstance, sex, drugs or even murder, our five picks have got them all. READ FULL STORY


It starts with that question. “So what you up to?” For the lucky few popped from the womb brimful of self-belief, it shouldn’t raise a heartbeat. For those whose university years already resemble a cess-pool of memory decay, groin rot and fractured hopes, there really is nothing worse that you could ask, apart from maybe “Why do you exist?” With Lena Dunham’s recent tale of a film grad’s “post-graduation malaise” in

Tiny Furniture

, I propose a trip through cinema’s top five sad grads. And if you’re still looking for an answer, you could do worse than Michele (Lisa Kudrow)’s in

Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion

: “Um, I invented Post-its.”



The Fourth Dimension premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival where Val Kilmer and Harmony Korine talk us through their segment, while Russia's Alexsei Fedorchenko and Poland's Jan Kwiecinski speak about their experiences making the film.
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