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A British Mom Is Mad That Her Cigarette-Addicted Son Can’t Vape at School

An e-cig is not medicine, school says.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
To think: This could be Mason Dunn, if his school cared about him. Photo via Flickr user Vaping360

To think: this could be Mason Dunn, if his school cared about him. Photo via Flickr user Vaping360

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A British mom (er, mum) is extremely pissed off because her teenage son has been banned from vaping at school to satisfy his 10-cigarette-a-day addiction.

Sue Dunn of Manchester said she's tried everything to get her 14-year-old son Mason to quit smoking, including nicotine patches and medical assistance, but "nothing worked."


Finally, Mason's older brother bought him an e-cigarette, which has helped the youngster curb his half-a-pack-a-day habit.

"He has really made an effort," Dunn told Metro UK.

But when the barely-pubescent Mason, who attends Kearsley Academy, started vaping on school grounds, his wet blanket teachers were quick to confiscate his e-cig.

"I went into school and explained the situation but was told it is against the school policy," said Dunn, who seemed surprised by the academic institution's smoke-free designation. "He came home from school in a terrible state because he needed nicotine."

Suzanne Pountain, principal at Kearsley Academy, told the media the school is "a no smoking site."

"For the safeguarding of all our students, smoking, including the use of any nicotine inhalation devices are not allowed," she said.

"We offer students access to the school nurse and if necessary, pathways such as the smoke cessation programme."

For the record, Dunn said she's "not happy about the fact [Mason] smokes in the first place," but she believes vaping should be allowed as it could prevent cancer in the long-run.

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