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Someone Found a Secret Pot Grow House at Legoland in the UK

Authorities believe that the industrious farmers were accessing the site through the Crown Estate—neighboring land that belongs to the Queen of England.
Foto via Flickr-brugeren Rob Young

Workers at Legoland Windsor in England were doing a routine asbestos check when they stumbled across a huge marijuana grow house on the property, full of 50 chest-high plants, electric lights, and an irrigation system.

According to the Scotsman, the grow house operated out of what was believed to be a derelict building formerly used by park staff, located on Legoland's 215 acres. The building isn't in the actual park, though, so it wasn't like kids were at risk of stumbling across a giant weed forest stashed behind the rides at Viking Land or whatever.

The secret grow house was situated by the front entrance to the park, near the kennels where visitors can leave their dogs while they're enjoying a day of fun. Because it's not accessible to the public, authorities believe that the industrious farmers were getting to the site through the neighboring Crown Estate, land belonging to the Queen of England.

"Officers are currently at the site where cannabis plants and equipment used in the production of cannabis has been located," Windsor's police said in a statement. "No arrests have been made and an investigation is being carried out."

It's a shock that pot growers got away with using the site long enough for the plants to grow so tall, since Legoland had 2.3 million visitors and is the most visited theme park in the UK. The theme park is currently closed for the month of February, and the weed will probably be long gone by the time it opens up again.

Update 2/7/17: This post has been updated to correct an earlier version stating that the Legoland park was in Scotland. It's in England.