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This Lady Thinks the Centre of the Earth Is Hollow and Full of Alien Humanoids

Speaking with an expert about why the Earth might be full of aliens.

Dear Earth, are there aliens in the centre of you? via Flickr Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned conspiracy theory? I’m not talking about boring shit like shadow governments or Bigfoot. I’m talking about hollow Earth. Upon discovering the theory that the Earth is hollowed out and full of highly evolved alien humanoids, my interest was at an all time high, but when I actually researched this conspiratorial concept further, I discovered its believers make up a huge community of those who oppose the scientifically-sound belief that the Earth is not full of superior aliens. There are a number of books on the topic, a metric fuckton of websites filled with Hollow Earth information, and even a society called the I.S.C.E. (International Society for a Complete Earth) based in Ontario who will be having their first convention in Ohio sometime in the near future (just in case you’re curious). People have believed in the existence of a subterranean colony for a very long time. The most famous early believer of a hollow Earth is undoubtedly a dude named John Symmes. Johnny “Doughnut Hole in the Earth” Symmes wanted to bring a team to the North Pole to find one of the openings that he claimed led to the centre of the Earth. Although this expedition was never realised, Hollow Earth fanatics have named the North Pole’s supposed porthole “Symmes’s Hole” in his honour. via WikiCommons. One of the only semi-notable first hand accounts of a hollow Earth emerged in 1947 from an American Admiral named Richard E. Byrd after he flew to the North Pole. After saying the North Pole was a “land of Everlasting Mystery", hollow Earth conspiracy theorists have inferred that the “everlasting mystery” he was referring to could only possibly mean that the Earth is hollow and, again, full of alien humanoids who are better than us in every way. The Admiral. via Flickr. Anyway, after reading through all the hollow Earth information I could dig up, I was still curious as to what life in the core of our planet is like and why people believe the Earth is hollow in the first place. So I called up Dianne Robbins, author of Messages From Hollow Earth and Telos, two books based on conversations she’s had with the Hollow Earth humanoids to find out more so I could expand my puny, surface-dwelling mind. A map of Agartha. via Flickr.


VICE: Can you tell me more about the hollow Earth theory?
Dianne Robbins:It’s not a theory. The Earth is hollow. It is hollow, and in the center of the Earth is a central sun that is held perfectly in place by gravity. All planets are hollow, and they all have a central sun. There is much more land than ocean in the hollow Earth. That's how planets are created. About 400 miles down is where the gravity changes, so we stand on the surface, but when you're in the centre, the gravity changes so you're also standing on the surface down there.

Wow, okay. Your book talks about a place down there called Agartha. What is it like and what are some of the different life forms down there?
Agartha is a network of 100 subterranean cities. There are about 120 of them all together. They are the Agatha network. Telos is a subterranean city and the other Agarthian cities are like Telos. If you read my book Telos, you'll learn all about the Telos network. They are physical humans like we are, but they live in peace, isolation and seclusion, and through this they have gained their immortality. Because you can only evolve in peace. That's why we have been isolated on the surface.

Have you had any contact with them personally?
Yes. I'm telepathic. All these messages are dictated to me by Adama the high priest in Telos. All the messages are in my books. Then I've been in touch with Mikos who dictated to me from the center of Earth. All of his messages are in my book Messages From Hollow Earth. So yes I am in telepathic contact with them.


That’s interesting, how do you receive these messages? Do they come randomly?
I hear them word for word like how I hear you now. I never change the words. I just add punctuation and paragraph breaks. I write it as I hear it. They always tell me when they want to make appointments to deliver these messages. When I'm writing my books they're about an hour every day or every other day. But it's all made by appointments, so they know when I'm ready, and they're right there.

They sound organised, are they friendly?
They're just like we are, only they're very evolved. They are human and physical like we are, but very conscious.

Why would they choose to inhabit the centre of the Earth?
Because it's beautiful. It's a paradise. In the center of the Earth there's everything they could possibly desire, like clean air and pure water, and the water has pure consciousness. There's no duality. Everything is perfect.

Are these extra terrestrials native to Earth or did they “invade” from outside of our planet?
They came from another star system. Every being and every species came from other places. After Earth was created, it started to be populated.

Okay then. I’m assuming that the Hollow Earth folk are way more scientifically, mentally and spiritually advanced than us. Is this true? What are some of the differences between us?
They have everything we don't. They have inner sight. They can see anywhere they want to see on the planet. Just like if you have bifocal glasses where you can see near and far, their eyes can adjust anywhere on the inside and surface, and when they dictate their messages to me, they're looking right at me.


They have a spaceport in the center where starships that make no noise and no pollution come and go at the North Pole and the South Pole. They can leave the planet whenever they want and fly to other places in the galaxy. They have everything. They have transportation, which is free of course, and they have pure and clean systems for it. They have transportation that's like a very small vehicle – like a snowmobile – that levitates and makes no noise, causes no pollution and uses no fuel.

They also have pure drinking water, and the oceans have a pure consciousness. When they go in the water they can't drown, because they merge as one with the ocean. They can breathe underwater, and they never kill anything in the oceans, of course. They communicate telepathically with the life in the oceans and each other as well.

Conscious or unconscious? via Flickr.

That snowmobile sounds pretty sweet. So, wait, if we destroy the crust of the Earth, will it affect the centre of the Earth and its residents?
I don't think it will go that far down, but it will affect many miles down. It affects the elemental kingdom that lives below. It affects the gemstones, gold and diamonds that grow and are created under the surface. It also affects the gas spouts that hold the tectonic plates. Oil and gas is actually called "liquid light", and that’s what holds the tectonic plates in place. When they shift, they're supposed to shift easily without any bumping each other – that causes Earthquakes. There would not be any earthquakes, because it's a lubricant for plates. So everything we’re doing is affecting what's going on beneath us. Like when bombs are detonated, they go through the whole Earth. Every being, plant and element can feel it.


Some people believe that Hitler flew to the centre of the Earth to escape his fate at the end of WWII. Do you think this is a possibility?
Yes. That's what I've read. I personally have yet to receive that information, but I did know he knew about Hollow Earth and that the Germans did go to the South Pole after WWII. From what I've read I'll say yes, but I have never personally asked.

Really? That probably would have been my first question. But anyways, we’ve visited the North, and South Poles many times and only a few people have reported seeing these holes. Wouldn't they show up on satellite pictures if they were actually there?
They do show on satellite pictures. But NASA keeps those satellite pictures a secret. Of course they show. The openings are huge, but they have force fields covering them so they can't be discovered easily, but they do show. I have seen many satellite pictures where they show, but they are kept a secret from the people. You can see them clearly in the North and South Pole.

Are there any other entrances?
I don't think so. There are many tunnels and entrances all over the planet, but they have all been camouflaged. They don't want anyone to come inside, because it's their home. It's their domain.

I’m sure you realise that all of this will seem pretty outlandish to most. What do you say to people who don't take this seriously?
I don't say anything to them. I'm not here to convince anybody. You have to have inner knowing. Everything is a possibility in this world. I don't try to convince anyone. I don't say anything to people that don't believe in it. If people are conscious enough and open enough and then they ask me, then I'll tell them. Some people have belief systems that are programmed to think that we're the only ones in the universe, and I'm not interested in talking to them. They are not conscious of world around us.

On a final note, is there anything that the Hollow Earth people want to tell us surface Earth people?
Yes, stop the wars. Just feel peace. Just call for peace for the planet, because we can only evolve from peace. All people in the centre of the Earth are ready to move into a higher dimension. They're waiting for the surface to find peace so we can all make our ascension together. They're waiting for us and we can only do it with peaceful thoughts to everyone everywhere. Think aliens are real? Here. Go crazy: Have These People Really Seen An Alien?

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