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Monstrous fashion stylings.

Photos: Saga Sig
Styling: Sam Voulters
Stylist's Assistants: Scarlett Valentine, Reba Maybury
Model: Robert Eaton
Illustrators: ZISKA, AC BANANAS, Margot Bowman, Stefan Schwartzman, Jessica Cole.

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adidas shirt, b Store trousers, Pointer shoes. Illustration by Ziska

Vintage jacket from Mint, Uniqlo jeans, Pointer shoes. Illustration by AC BANANAS

Levi’s jacket, Vans jeans, Reebok shoes. Illustration by Margot Bowman

Mishka jumper, vintage Levi’s shorts from Mint, adidas shoes. Illustration by Stefan Schwartzman. Page Right: 55DSL T-shirt, Nike hoodie, King Apparel jeans. Illustration by Jessica Cole

aNYthing shirt, Billionaire Boys Club vest. Illustration by ZISKA

adidas T-shirt, vintage Levi’s shorts from Mint, Vans shoes. Illustration by Stefan Schwartzman

YML Basic shirt, Noki jacket, 55DSL shorts, Nike trainers. Illustration by Margot Bowman