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Revolutionary Youth Return to Streets in Cairo

They are calling for a system free from the Muslim Brotherhood, the army or the old regime.

Since the military ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on July 3, Egypt has been in turmoil. The country is operating under emergency law, and a strict curfew is enforced from 6AM to 9PM, except on Fridays when civilians must be indoors by 7PM. Over 1,000 civilians died last month during the bloody standoff between the Egyptian Army and Muslim Brotherhood members. These dangerous and violent battles pushed revolutionary youth off the streets – the original organisers who fought for democracy since January 25, 2011. Many had planned to protest last Friday during the release of Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who ruled Egypt for 30 years, but the planned gatherings were cancelled.


On Friday, the revolutionary youth returned, as the “Ahrar Movement” protesters, who rejected both the military rule and the Muslim Brotherhood. They called for a new system, one free from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Army or the old Mubarak regime. They peacefully sang and chanted that the “Ministry was full of thugs”, as they marched down the streets of Cairo. Six Ahrar protesters were reportedly killed later that day.

VICE's Wail Gozly sent us videos and photos from that day.

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