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Taxi to Mars

VICE profiles Melissa Ede, a transgender taxi driver from Hull and a successful applicant to the Mars One project, which plans to relocate her to Mars in the year 2024.

Mars One is a space operation based out of the Netherlands, which aims to put ordinary people on the planet Mars – to live there – from the year 2024 onwards.

Relocating to the planet with a one-way ticket is an extreme life choice and one that Melissa Ede, a transgender taxi driver from Hull, is busy preparing for. Melissa is among 1,058 people picked from 200,000 candidates globally for the £4 billion Mars One Project.

Before these astronauts leave the Earth's atmosphere to travel to Mars, they must be put through eight years of required training. Taking place in simulation facilities, training will include electrical repairs to the settlement structures, learning how to cultivate crops in confined spaces and addressing both routine and serious medical issues such as dental upkeep, muscle tears and bone fractures. Participants will be taught how to be entirely self-sufficient because Mars One is a one-way trip.

In Taxi to Mars, VICE profiles Melissa, the unlikely Astronaut, to understand what motivates a person to relocate to another, unknown planet. Having never found a reason to move from Hull, she now has the opportunity to make history as the first transgender person to step foot on Mars.