My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators


This story is over 5 years old.


My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

Photographer Amy L​ombard hung out backstage with the teen heartthrob at a recent New York show.

Aaron ​Carter still knows how to throw an "Aa​ron Party." More than a year after we wat​ched him give the performance of a lifetime at a Mexican restaurant in New Jers​ey, Carter continues to impress audiences around the world. This year, the former child star has courted a cult-like online following called "Aaro​nators," à la Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, and char​ged them $400 to meet him.

"I saw him in The Fantasticks ten times," a 20-year-old Aaronator named Alexandria Valentine told us at Carter's recent New York show. "He's just really nice and down to earth. Tonight will be the 12th time I'm meeting him. He gave me a kiss on the mouth once—that was cool. I have a video of it."


Other Aaronators also expressed their thoughts about Carter's romantic life. "The heart wants what the heart wants," 18-year-old Gavi Kovacs told us, referring to the pop singer's desire to rekindle his 2​003 love affair with Hillary Duff. "It sucks for him, but I don't think it's pathetic in any way."

When we saw a sign at a Nic​k Jonas concert advertising a Carter appearance at the relatively large (by his standards) Gramercy Theatre, we knew we had to send one of our favorite photographers, Amy L​ombard, to hang out with our boy AC backstage.