Ask A Lawyer – Is Chief Keef Going to Jail?

Our legal counsel offers his take.

UPDATE: Today, Chief Keef was found guilty of violating his probation, a charge stemming from a June video posted by Pitchfork depicting the teenage rapper – then on probation for possessing a gun that was fired at a police officer – shooting a gun at a gun range. When the charges first arose, we interviewed an anonymous lawyer and had him break down the situation for us.

Chief Keef has problems. The 17-year-old rapper might face legal consequences for a Pitchfork-produced video that features Keef – who is currently on probation for a gun charge – shooting a gun off in a gun range. Prosecutors are saying that this is 100% definitely a violation of his probation, while Keef’s people are saying he was simply following the advice of adults around him.

There are a lot of moving parts here. In the video (which has since been taken down by Pitchfork, who also issued an apology), Keef, born Keith Cozart, can be seen signing legal documents as “Chief Keef.” Prosecutors will be calling for Keef to be sent to Juvenile Hall at his hearing on November 20th, and in an initial hearing, a Chicago judge said that Keef should be placed under house arrest again. If either such rulings were to pass, this could have serious ramifications upon Keef and his career. So, we asked a lawyer about it.

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