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Have You Ever Participated In a Sexual Volcano?

"It sounds incredibly volatile."

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Ever heard of John Cherry? Yeah, me neither, until the former Tory councillor went off on some bizarre racist rant about kids from ethnic minorities going to a boarding school, Chinese and Indian kids being harder workers than Pakistani kids and the danger of them all escaping into the woods to take part in a "sexual volcano."

Naturally (or maybe not – am I a prude?), I hadn't heard of this "sexual volcano" thing before, so I took my pondering to the streets and asked some people a question: Have you ever participated in a sexual volcano?


Ralf, 22, student: I've never heard of it, but it sounds fun.

VICE: What do you think of when you hear the term sexual volcano?
I’m not sure. It makes me think of the sexually frustrated, I guess.

Have you ever heard of John Cherry?
I’m shit with politics, but it sounds like he’s an ignorant asshole.

Beki, 27, journalist: I have not participated in a sexual volcano, no.

Any interest?
I don’t think so. Probably not, no. Although you never say never, so who knows?

How would you define sexual volcano?
Well, it’s either sex inside a physical volcano or a metaphor.

I don’t think they have volcanoes in England.
You never know – it might be one of those hidden volcanoes, like in the movie Volcano. That was a classic. You know – the one with Tommy Lee Jones?

Amy, 23, works in publishing: What is that? A certain type of eruption from a man? Or multiple men? Can it be multiple people or does it just have to be one?

Yeah, a solo sexual volcano doesn't sound much fun.
No, a woman has to be there. Or another man. Whatever your fancy. But someone else has to be there.

Any sexual volcanoes in your near future?
Is it bad to hope so?

Not at all.

Marco, 33, café owner: I can't say I have.

Does it sound appealing?
Mate – when you’re single, anything sounds appealing.

What springs to mind when you hear the term?
Something incredibly volatile.

Alix, 24, works in publishing: No, it's safe to say I haven't. It sounds really weird.

What does it mean?
It makes me think of a massive orgy. Either that or sex in an actual volcano. Oh no, or this book I read – The Vesuvius Club.

Does the book deal with sex in a volcano?
Yes. It's this den of sexual misdemeanours.

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