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Oh Man, You've Got to Check Out this Dead Priest Parade

Weekend at Bernie's x Orthodox Christianity.

RIP the boy Thavmakos Kallinikos, who died last Tuesday at the grand old age of 91. Normally, you know how death goes: some weeping, some crying, a sunken-cheeked dude in a black suit measures your poor deceased body up for a coffin. Not in Greece, though. Not in Greece.

I mean:

Come on.

Come on, Greece:

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What's going on here is that the Greek city of Lamia, about two hours north of Athens, has gone a bit 'Weekend At Bernie's' about their bishop's death, and paraded him through the streets on a throne. This is in line with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece's belief system, following the principles of the old priests who preceded Thavmakos.


This isn't the norm in Greece, though. Which is why, in the last few days, the Greek internet has flooded with memes that make light of the procession. The Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians are 'old calendarists', and follow the Julian calendar – 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar we all know and love. Not quite sure how that translates to parading a dead bishop in full smock and throne through the streets, from St. Spyridon cathedral to the monastery of St. Athanasius, and then burying him standing up, but you know. You know. All religions have their quirks, don't they? Such is the joy of living in a diverse world.

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