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Barely Legal: Jessie Andrews Is a Jack-of-All-Trades

I was delighted to drill my giant, veiny, rock-hard questions into her precious, tight, wet brain.

When I first saw Jessie Andrews doing sexy naked stuff on film, it blew my mind. Everything about her performance seemed so honest, refreshing and visually stunning. She is only 20-years-old and started in the industry as soon as she turned 18, which to me exudes an enormous amount of confidence and drive. In that same vein, Jessie has been approaching a wider realm of influence as of late, with her new work in the music and fashion industries. For example, she has created a jewelry line called Bagatiba, and she DJs frequently in LA, just to name a couple of things. At her very base, I think she is a true and talented entrepreneur, so I was delighted to drill my giant, veiny, rock-hard questions into her precious, tight, wet brain.


VICE: Jessie, why do girls wear jewelry?
Jessie Andrews: I don’t know. To impress other girls.

If you could only wear one of your belongings for the rest of your entire life, what would it be?
A Cartier love bracelet. It’s like a gold band that screws on and you can’t take it off unless you have a screwdriver. It’s more intense than a wedding band.

Did a guy get it for you?
No, I got it for myself.

Hot. Have you ever been asked to make an engagement ring before?
No, I haven’t. But somebody asked me the other day, “What ring screams out ‘LOVE’ the most?” And I was like, “The infinity ring, obviously.”

What about cock rings?
I don’t really know. I’ve never really looked at them.

The infinity ring, obviously.

What is your opinion of men who wear jewelry?
I like it, but I feel men should wear less traditional kinds of jewelry, like a string with something on it that they found on the floor. You know? Something creative.

Totally. So do you have porn fans who are obsessed with you and everything you do, including your jewelry?
Yeah, but I like it. Usually when someone’s a fan of something they want to know everything you’re doing. Between music, jewelry, porn and clothing, I want to give people the chance to have a variety of stuff. I have an EP coming out on Ultra Records in the summer, and I’m designing a women’s fashion line for a company in the UK called Hype.

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Do you think you’re going to be more involved with fashion production than porn?
I don’t shoot too much any more. We’re going to see how this line goes – it’s going be in Topshop – and if it hits really well, then they want me to design another line. But designing clothes is such a pain in the ass. [laughs] Especially when you’re in LA and they’re in London.


Well, I hope you don’t stop doing porn. I think you are a true artist.
Thank you. I probably won’t stop doing girl on girl. I probably won’t stop until I’m too busy and my agent hates me because I’m never in town. I don’t know. We’ll see…

So, music-wise, you’re producing all the beats yourself, correct?
Yes. What are you using?
Ableton. It’s totally going to change the electronic genre. Is it all about being able to dance, or are you listening to the music with composition in mind?
I listen to it because I like it, and it makes me happy and it makes me want to dance. Good answer. I can’t wait to hear it. Do you hear a lot of criticism from people who think porn is bad for women?
Yeah. When people say it’s degrading, or it’s this or that, I just don’t really pay attention. I don’t really care. I just do what I want.

Do you hear a lot from female fans?
Yeah. They’ll always tweet at me and tell me they’re wearing my jewelry. It’s cute. I’m actually shipping jewelry as I talk to you.

If you had to choose between either A) going the rest of your life without having sex but getting to have all of the riches and diamonds and wealth you could ever want, or B) having as much sex with as many handsome men as you wanted but having no possessions whatsoever, which would you choose?
[laughs] I would probably choose riches, because nobody can fuck you like you can fuck yourself, but you can’t always have the most money in the world. You know?


That is true. All right, so to wrap things up, I’m going to say a word and you just say the first thing that pops into your head.

Big brother.



Also happiness.

Uhh, rainbows?
Lucky Charms.

Can you please finish the sentence, “Simplicity is the art of ______.”
Hmmm, I don’t know. [silence for a couple seconds] Simplicity is the art of life.

That is so deep.
It’s true though. The more simple things there are, the better life is. That’s how I live.

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