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Watch This Actor Play 102 Different Characters in His DIY One-Man Film

Watch aspiring filmmaker Laz Rojas's self-produced one-man showcase, which he wrote, shot, directed, and starred in, playing 102 different roles.

After several failed attempts to break into the film industry, aspiring actor and screenwriter Laz Rojas decided he would try to capture Hollywood's attention with an ambitious demo reel. He showcased his talents in a four-hour film in which he played 102 different characters—men, women, children, and aliens—creating a universe populated entirely by himself. He submitted the tape to every producer, studio, and manager he could find, but never received a response.

Check out a selection of scenes from Rojas's famous tape, which he single-handedly wrote, shot, directed, edited, and acted in while making it between 1992 and 1994. Be sure to check out our documentary about Rojas as part VICE's OUTSIDER series—uncovering the singular minds behind the world's strangest movies.