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Moronic Turkish Hotel Staff Pranked a Load of Tourists with a Fake Terrorist Attack

One holidaymaker had a liquid marked "Fuel" poured over him by a guy with a crudely drawn on beard and improvised head dress.
The Grand Yazici Mares hotel. Image via

The Grand Yazici Mares hotel. Image via

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Holidaymakers in İçmeler, Turkey collectively lost their shit last Thursday when the hotel staff faked a poolside terrorist attack – just six weeks after the massacre on a Tunisian beach which left 38 people dead.

A group of staff dressed in what the Sun describe as "Arab clothing" appeared by the pool at the five-star Grand Yazici Mares hotel with fake rifles. Tourists lying by the pool understandably panicked, with many screaming and running for their lives.

One holidaymaker even had a liquid marked "Fuel" poured over him by a guy with a crudely drawn on beard and an improvised head dress. The "terrorist" then proceeded to pull out a lighter, as if he were about to set the tourist on fire.

Jason Pythian from Fallowfield told the Sun "it was the hotel's idea of entertainment for the day. They thought it was funny to run around the pool dressed as terrorists." After guests complained to the hotel's management, they were told it was just a joke, and to raise any further concerns with their holiday companies.

Jason and his family had paid the tour operator Jet2holidays more than €6,900 for a 12-night stay at the Grand Yazici Mares. The company has since apologised, saying, "This was a Hollywood-themed poolside show, which included the characters Rambo and Superman, and is always well received by the hotel's residents. The management now understands some of the costumes may have caused offence and will no longer use these in their shows."

In March, Turkey closed its border with Syria due to fears of a terrorist attack, as ISIS militants fought Kurdish forces in the border town of Kobane. Just yesterday US fighter jets launched their first strikes on ISIS targets from a base in Turkey. With the country on such a heightened state of alert, it's not hard to see why a badly-judged prank with questionable costumes got out of hand.