Melbourne Is a Paradise
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Melbourne Is a Paradise

Photographer Adam Rajab captures what it's like to be young in the "most liveable city in the world."

This post originally appeared on VICE Australia/New Zealand

Melbourne is a strange place. It's the "Most Liveable City in the World" although it's not exactly clear who awards that, or what the criteria is. It's a place obsessed with coffee and sport in equal measure—big enough that it thinks it can compete with Sydney, small enough that people still ask you which high school you went to.

A lot of being young in Melbourne is waiting around: For summer to come, for your friends to text you back about what's going on tonight, for it to become clear what uni course you should actually stick with. But it's also a city with maybe the best nightlife in Australia—no lockouts laws or curfews, 24-hour public transport, locals that will defend music venues to the death.


Photographer Adam Rajab captures the sense of inbetween that comes with being young in Melbourne—a city that's still not entirely grown up itself.

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