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Here's What's Happening on Tonight's Episode of 'VICE'

Tonight at 11 PM we will thrust our faces and adventures into your living room yet again.

We can hardly believe we're saying this, but the sixth episode of our HBO show is upon us. Time flies when you're hanging out with child suicide bombers, chatting up gun-toting preachers and looking for love in China. We feel so old. But, like some old people before us once said, "ever onward". And so tonight at 11PM, we will thrust our faces and adventures into your living room yet again, provided you have HBO. Here's what you can expect.

China appears to be doing pretty well for itself right now. We owe them about one trillion dollars, they're inventing all the cool new gadgets, Liu Wen is from there and they're building massive apartment buildings and entire cities left and right. Unfortunately, that last part comes with an asterisk, as they don't have anyone to live in many of the buildings and towns they're constructing. It's a tableau that is eerily familiar – yet on a much larger scale – to the time leading up to the US housing collapse a few years ago. We sent Ryan Duffy to investigate some of the ghost towns littering the country.

In the second part of the episode, VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi heads to Egypt to find out how the country has been getting along since the revolution that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak. As you might have heard, things aren't going as peachy as most had hoped. Morsi has plenty of his own detractors – many of the same people who were instrumental in the toppling of Mubarak's regime – and the unrest only seems to be growing. Suroosh met with representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood (with whom Morsi has strong ties), as well as protesters and members of the infamous Black Bloc to hear both sides of the story.