Denise Scicluna Takes Photos of the Things You Never Noticed

You'll never be able to unsee them once you've seen them.

Denise Scicluna is a young photographer from Malta whose still life work – unlike most photographers of that genre – doesn't make you want to slowly and individually pluck out every single one of your eyelashes out of sheer boredom. Denise has a knack of noticing the unnoticeable and utilises her own very unique brand of texture and colour (wholly Mediterranean in their appearance) that gets you staring at them, wondering what the subject is, for so long that you'll start seeing those trippy white spots and get all dizzy.   

That's not all she does, though. Denise also shoots fashion editorials and bands and takes fantastic pictures of old ladies – a subject I have a particular soft spot for. 

If you'd like to see more of Denise's work, you should click here and here. You can also make friends with her on Facebook.

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