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Question Of The Day

Question of the Day - How Do You Want to Die?

Not everyone can die with my girlfriend, before you all start asking.

Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

Spring is here and everything is beautiful and alive. Which is a sullen reminder to all of us that one day everything will perish. Not many of us get to choose when, where or, more importantly, how we want to go. The Grim Reaper's like that, he take his morbid cues from no one, but we're mortal just like you, so we thought we'd give you the choice.


VICE: How do you want to die?
Rosie, 25, buyer: Dramatically. Falling from a great height, maybe parachuting.

Rosie: I'd be parachuting from a plane, the parachute wouldn't open and I'd maybe be over the sea. It would be exciting and I'd die instantly.
Natalie, 24, digital manager: I don't know how I'd like to die. I think comically…
Rosie: Squashed by a clown?
Natalie: Possibly.

But could that feasibly happen?
Natalie: I totally know how: I'd be having my lunch in Hoxton Square, as I do every day, and some of the tumblers from the circus school would go wrong and would squash me to death.

Patrick, 31, customer service assistant: The best way would be listening to good music in a nice landscape. Let's say in the countryside.

What kind of music?
Maybe jazz fusion or some metal.

If you could pick a piece of music and a place to die right now, what and where would it be?
Probably “Inside the Torn Apart” by Napalm Death, and the countryside just outside of Brussels, where I'm from.

Steve, 50, engineer: I wouldn't.

Wouldn't what?

But let's say that you live in a fantasy world where everyone has to, at some point, die?
Judo. Scuba diving.

Manuela, 49, IT manager: Oh blimey, I tell you how I wouldn't wanna go, in a car accident splattered on the road!

So, any way other than that?
Yes, I think so. I've thought more about my funeral, to be honest, I've got three songs I want played. “Mozart's Requiem”, “I Am What I Am” sung by Liza Minnelli, and “I Will Survive” sung by either Donna Summer or one of the 1960s queens.


Gabby, 20 (left) and Luke, 24, both students.

Luke, 24, student: With no one around me in a hospital bed when I'm old. Morphine overdose would be nice.

How about you?
Gabby, 20, student: I don't know…
Luke: You could go for a morphine overdose.
Gabby: Yeah, maybe that then.

Good sell, Luke.

Roger, "old", events organiser: A Viking death would be nice. Push me out on a boat and set me on fire, that's cool.

How would it happen, though? How would you die in the first place?
[Pauses, stares] With your woman, init?

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