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Thai Police Gave Themselves a Reward for Capturing a Bombing Suspect

It was supposed to go to a tipster—but since the police arrested a suspect themselves, they're keeping the cash.

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It's important to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes, especially if that pat on the back comes in the form of a cool $84,000 in cash.

Earlier this month, a bomb in Bangkok killed 20 people and injured another 120 at the site of the Erawan Shrine. Thai police offered up that robust sum as a reward to anyone who might lead them to the person responsible. When no one stepped up to help, the cops went ahead and arrested at least one suspect on their own. Now, they're pocketing the reward themselves, the Associated Press reports.


Cops arrested a bombing suspect on Saturday and, although the man has yet to be charged or convicted with the crime, Thai police feel confident enough in his guilt to divvy up the cash among themselves.

Police found bomb-making materials in the suspect's apartment on the edge of Bangkok, including detonators, ball bearings, and a metal pipe.

Somyot Poompanmoung, Thailand's National Police Chief, made the announcement at a press conference on Monday, showing off stacks of 1,000-baht notes that will apparently soon line the pockets of police officers.

"This arrest, I confirm, is due purely to the work of police," Poompanmoung said. "This money should be given to officials who did their job."

Meanwhile, local cops reportedly issued two more arrest warrants on Monday after finding additional bomb-making materials at a second apartment over the weekend. Whether those arrests will also result in a cash payout for Bangkok's finest remains to be seen.