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Heart Found in Bag on Downtown Toronto University Campus

It's probably not human. Still, that's weird.

Beautiful Ryerson University, home of a prestigious journalism school and at least one disembodied heart of unknown provenance. Photo via Flickr user Alex Guibord

Police cordoned off a building at Ryerson University in Toronto after a large heart was found inside a plastic bag near a garbage bin Wednesday morning.

The Chang School building was locked down shortly before 10 AM today after someone spotted a bag with what appeared to be an organ inside.

Possible heart found near garbage can at #Ryerson
— CityNews Toronto (@CityNews) November 18, 2015


According to a Canadian Press reporter, the Toronto Police said that they don't believe the heart to be human due to how fucking huge it is.

"Toronto police say the #heart found outside a #Ryerson building is too big to be human "unless it's a giant," tweeted CP reporter Paola Loriggio.

Toronto Star reporter Brennan Doherty noted that the police were talking to a man while pointing at the bag. VICE has confirmed with the police that the man was a Ryerson groundskeeper.

Const. Victor Kwong of the Toronto Police told VICE that, as of 10:20 AM, a doctor was on the way to determine the nature of the heart.

Kwong said that depending on what the heart is and what its intended purpose is, the situation could vary in severity.

"If it's food, then we don't have much an issue," he said. "But if it was [from] your pet, you can't dispose of it that way."

When asked if human organs and/or remains had turned up in the past in a similar fashion, Kwong confirmed that they have, but couldn't comment on the likelihood of this being a human heart.

"If it was a human heart, we'd be talking about a homicide investigation."

Ryerson University tweeted out that they believe the heart to be of a cow, but that more details are to come.

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