Burning 24-Karat Golden Blunt Wraps with a Weed Reporter
Illustration by Heather Benjamin


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tea time with t. kid

Burning 24-Karat Golden Blunt Wraps with a Weed Reporter

In the first episode of our new podcast 'Tea Time with T. Kid', the titular host and weed expert drinks tests out fancy blunt wraps with cannabis writer David Bienenstock.

This article originally appeared on VICE US

Hey, I'm Abdullah. I wrote the "Weediquette" column for VICE, I host Bong Appetit for MUNCHIES, and I've been a cannabis reporter since 2012. Starting this weekend, I'll be hosting a monthly podcast called Tea Time with T. Kid, which you can listen to above.

Over the last four years, I've watched and experienced and reported as cannabis has moved from the shadows to the store shelves, witnessing the final moments of detractors prohibiting the plant's consumption. On that journey I've met some of the coolest, weirdest, most fascinating weed enthusiasts, each of whom carry a little piece of cannabis history with them.

Tea Time with T. Kid is my chance to share the thought-provoking conversations that I have with these people. They're journalists, business people, musicians, artists, chefs, farmers, and activists collectively bound by their love for a simple, useful plant that happens to be illegal, though will not remain so for long. Over a cup of tea, we'll discuss the green zeitgeist and review a new weed-related product—from futuristic vapes to next-level edibles.

For the first episode, I sat down with David Bienenstock, former West Coast editor of High Times, columnist for MUNCHIES, producer of Bong Appetit, and author of the new book How To Smoke Pot (Properly). On top of discussing legalization and the pros of writing about weed for a living, we tested out Shine Papers—24-karat gold blunt wraps—and pitched a really bad weed art exhibition idea over the phone to the Denver Art Museum. I hope you enjoy listening about my experiences with weed as much as I enjoy talking about them.

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