If Ciara Were President


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If Ciara Were President

The singer on the beauty and grace of Janet Jackson, and her zero tolerance for fuckboys.

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Ciara is the princess of pop. Since sashaying onto the scene with her debut single "Goodies" in 2004 – which is basically one giant shrugging-off of male advances – Ciara has held it down as one of the few young women in the music industry who has singing, dancing and songwriting all under their professional belt. Princess is, quite literally, her middle name.


Her new record, Jackie, has seen her come at 2015 harder than a freight train with no brakes going downhill on an icy day, bringing not only her sixth studio album, but one that's packed with dance floor R&B, power hooks and what feels like a personal tale of redemption that whispers through the lyrics. Well, we say whisper, but one of the lyrics is: "Man, I just delivered a nine-pound, 10-ounce baby. I'm a bad motherfucker." So maybe it's more like a war cry.

I caught up with the one woman army to have a relaxed chat about how amazing Janet Jackson is, how irritating fuckboys are and whether she'll ever do a rap album.

Read the interview over on Noisey.

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