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Listen to Episode Eight of the VICE Gaming Podcast

Steve Burns and Joel Golby drop in to discuss whether PES or FIFA is going to rule in 16/17, and if No Man's Sky's actually any good.

VICE Gaming UI illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

In this episode, VICE Gaming's UK editor Mike Diver is joined in a wonderfully comfortable but rather echoey room at VICE's London office by deputy editor Steve Burns – making his third appearance on the Podcast – and our own Joel Golby. We all know a little about football games past and present, so with the new season kicking off, that's what we're talking about first: the best ones we've ever played, some of the worst, and whether or not PES is going to boot FIFA out of the park in 16/17. (Spoiler: probably not.)


We're also discussing No Man's Sky – but please do note that at the time of recording, nobody had yet started playing it properly. Nevertheless, expect opinions. There's time, too, for some chat about the Nintendo Classic Mini, over whether or not these old 8bit games have a place amid the blockbuster titles of 2016, and to answer a few reader-submitted questions. Because you can tweet us, and we do read the messages, you know. Try it, at @VICEGaming.

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