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We've Been Nominated for a Bunch of Lovie Awards

You should vote and make us all very happy.

Shaun Smith, star of our film The Debt Collector.

If you enjoy reading, watching and generally partaking in this website, then you'll undoubtedly be ecstatic to learn that we've been nominated for some Lovie awards for making the stuff that you enjoy reading, watching and generally partaking in.

Now, I don't want to come across as too arrogant here, but clearly we deserve to win absolutely everything we've been nominated for and everything we will ever be nominated for at any point in the future.


So, if you want to help us win, all you have to do is click on any of the following links and they'll take you straight to the relevant page. Starting with the more general categories (i.e. the categories where more people will win, therefore you'll be making more people happy with your clicking) – VICE has been nominated for best editorial writing, Noisey is up for best music website and all of the film work we've done with 55DSL is nominated for best branded content.

On to specifics: Istanbul Rising, our film about the biggest civil uprising in the history of the Turkish Republic, is up for best documentary; The Debt Collector – our documentary about a guy called Shaun, who used to torture and firebomb people for a living, trying to turn his life around by becoming a legitimate debt collector – is nominated for best writing in an internet video; and the documentary Start Anew?, which charts the couple of months we spent hanging out with Liam Gallagher and the rest of Beady Eye, is up for best music and entertainment internet video.

In case trying to differentiate the links from the normal text above sent you into a catatonic freakout, we've also laid them all out nicely below for your clicking pleasure.


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Vote for 55DSL.

Vote for Istanbul Rising.

Vote for The Debt Collector.

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