Magical Photos From Into The Valley


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Magical Photos From Into The Valley

A hidden techno treasure in the Swedish forest.

360 million years ago, a meteor crashed into what would become the densely forested Swedish province of Dalarna. Hidden from mankind until the early 20th century, the site where the meteor hit has been excavated for rare minerals and limestone until 1990, when the quarry was shut down. As luck would have it, the quarry's dimensions proved to give almost perfect acoustic resonance and the site was transformed into a an amphitheater for operas, concerts and plays. Last year, a new electro music festival called Into the Valley premiered its fête in the mystical quarry.


With elements of Burning Man, Gagnef and Tomorrowland, Into the Valley has found a niche in the market for today's yuppies – a high end electronic line up in a picturesque setting. Photographer Maximilliam Gernandt went there last weekend and captured the technohippie spirit.