SDU Are Broke As a Joke

So they demonstrated on Friday.

2014 01 27, 10:25am

In Sweden, it can be profitable business to set up youth organisations because Ungdomsstyrelsen (the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs) hand out large amounts of grants every year. The only thing expected of you to get your share is to declare what you'll spend your money on (duh). This has been working out pretty well for most serious youth organisations. However, last week far-right party The Sweden Democrats' youth organisation, SDU, were told they won't get any money this year with the motivation that they "lack clarity in their democratic structure".

It's the third time around that SDU are left empty-handed, which obviously is starting to piss them off. Especially considering that their mother-party has been a Member of Parliament since 2010. So last week, the organisation reported one of the Youth Board's decision makers to the police and summed-up their fury with a small demonstration at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm on Friday. In his speech, head of SDU Gustav Kasselstrand said that the decision was a "democratic scandal" caused by "corrupt officials".

Around 50 SDU supporters showed up alongside a couple of neo-Nazis whose presence weren't really appreciated by SDU. Probably because they're trying to clean up the late-night iron-pipe "mistake" members of their mother-party messed up their reputation with. About 100 counter-demonstrators showed up, too, which caused a momentary stir. As often when right-wing groups gather at public spaces, the police made sure to attend the gathering and eventually pulled in a couple of lefties and one neo-Nazi.


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