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Listen to Episode Nine of the VICE Gaming Podcast

We're joined by Roll7's John Ribbins, designer of the award-winning OlliOlli, and writer Kate Gray to talk video games and human hand lamination. Obviously.

This podcast does contain some colourful language. By which we mean swear words. The kind of thing you wouldn't say in front of your mother. Probably. Just so you know. Don't be playing this in a primary school or anything.

For episode nine of the sort-of-once-monthly VICE Gaming Podcast (would you like it more often? Let us know), Mike Diver (that's me, hi) is joined by John Ribbins of BAFTA-winning indie studio Roll7 to talk about taking on triple-A teams with skateboard title OlliOlli, and winning. Joining us too, for a second time on the Podcast, is writer/presenter Kate Gray, freshly back in London after a month at Sweden's Stugan – a kind of mega-games-jam extravaganza set in the mountains. You can find her work for VICE Gaming right here.

We'll talk about kicking balls into rivers, Reigns, Overcooked, Virginia, Jamaican Minecraft (apparently), speech writing, The Witcher 3, Mother Russia Bleeds, burying bodies, Swedish tea and cakes, whether or not it's OK to laminate a human hand, and so much more - for a full 80 minutes. It's a long one (sorry), but it's a good one. Thanks for listening (and apologies for the occasional cough).

Find our guests on Twitter – John is @flappyfingers, and Kate is @hownottodraw.

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