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This Guy Says He's Fathered 800 Kids by Selling His Sperm on Facebook

He'll father your kid too, for under €90.

Photo of babies that (probably) weren't fathered by Simon Watson via Flickr user Dave Herholz

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A 41-year-old UK man says he has been peddling his jizz to women looking to get pregnant for the past 16 years, and has fathered hundreds of kids "from Spain to Taiwan" by selling his "magic potion" for £50 [€65] a pop, according to the BBC.

The man, Simon Watson, claims to father an average of one child a week as an unlicensed sperm donor, and is trying to "get the world record [and] make sure no-one's going to break it."

"I reckon I've got about 800 so far," Watson said, "so within four years I'd like to crack 1,000."

Because he's operating outside the jurisdiction of the UK's National Health Service (NHS) Watson told the BBC that he finds the majority of his clients through Facebook (his page had gone dark at time of publishing), and usually meets them in rest areas off of the M1 motorway connecting London to Leeds. He even gets STD tests every three months and posts photos of his most recent tests online.

Ruminating on why he enjoys giving his pole milk to strangers, Watson offered, "I didn't get my first girlfriend until I was 18. I thought, 'I'm never going to get married and have kids.' A psychologist would say that's where it stemmed from, but I don't know, I've never been to one."

BBC notes that standard artificial insemination at licensed UK clinics can cost hundreds, if not thousands, so meeting a 41-year-old dude on the side of the highway and buying a plastic jar of his spunk for under $100 [€90] is apparently an attractive low-cost alternative for a lot of people.