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Watch Some Webby Award-Winning Documentaries from VICE News

Check out all the Webby favorites from VICE News, including our investigations on the fight against Ebola and the gun markets of Pakistan, and more.

Since 1997, the Webby Awards have been committed to the noble task of digging up the gems of the internet and showering these things in accolades and awards that look like silver springs.

VICE has been lucky enough to win a few of these Webby Awards over the years for our editorial and documentaries, so in honor of the Webby Awards celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, we've decided to put together playlists of some documentaries that got Webby love in the past.

On Tuesday, we released a playlist collecting all the docs that we've received awards for in the past. It was a pretty massive list—humble bragging aside—so for those of you who prefer our news coverage, above is a playlist of strictly Webby-winning pieces from VICE News.

Give them a watch, learn about Ebola and the gun markets of Pakistan, and be sure to keep an eye out for The Internet Cannot Be Stopped—the Webby Awards' massive project featuring collaborations with VICE, Pitchfork, Google, and other Webby winners.