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Sitting Down with the Director of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

George Miller tells us about the challenges he faced to recreate the Wasteland and why it took 17 years to make this movie happen.

av VICE Staff
2015 05 16, 5:00am

Welcome to our first installment of VICE Talks Film, the series where we sit down with the most talented and creative minds in the movie world to discuss their work and how they're seeking to push the boundaries of the medium. In this episode, we caught up with director George Miller, creator of movies like Happy Feet, Babe, and of course the mythic Mad Max series. Now he's back with his latest venture, Mad Max: Fury Road—which some are calling a badass feminist action flick. We talked to the 70-year-old director about the challenges he faced in recreating the Wasteland, his new crop of iconic characters, the insane practical stunts and why it took 17 years to make this movie happen.

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