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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Pepper Sprayed a Bunch of People Because a Restaurant Fucked Up Her Burrito

Also this week: A cop freaked out on a former marine because he thought he was just pretending to be a former marine.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: An unnamed woman in California

Screencaps via Google Maps and NBC4

The incident: A restaurant messed up some woman's burrito order.

The appropriate response: Getting them to make you a new one.

The actual response: She pepper sprayed a bunch of people.

On Monday, a woman (who has yet to be identified) ordered a burrito at a Del Taco in Ontario, California.


According to a report on the Los Angeles CBS station, the woman's burrito was not made to her liking. This caused her to become "upset." Witnesses say the woman started shouting at the restaurant's staff before throwing a bowl and a pen at them, then storming out of the building.

When the manager of the Del Taco followed the woman outside to take note of her license plate, she reportedly took out a canister of pepper spray and started spraying the manager.

The manager then ran back inside the restaurant with the pepper-spraying woman in pursuit.

According to witnesses, the woman continued to spray the manager once she was back inside the restaurant, and then turned her attention to the customers.

"I just happened to look at her and she sprayed me and the employee in the face," a customer named Rose Keith (pictured above, holding a cloth over her eyes) told NBC Los Angeles. "I didn't know what to think, I've never had pepper spray in my face. It was terrible, it's awful."

Once she was done spraying, the woman fled the scene.

There were 14 people in the restaurant at the time of the rampage, none of whom required hospital treatment. Police have the license plate of the burrito-loving, pepper-spray-wielding woman. But, so far, no arrest has been reported.

Cry-Baby #2: John O'Connor

The incident: A former marine wore his uniform in public.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: He was confronted by two men, one of whom is a cop, who refused to leave him alone, despite being shown military ID.


Late last month, Robert Ford, a 75-year-old former marine (pictured above) was wearing his marine uniform at an art fair in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was passing through the fair after taking part in a wreath laying ceremony earlier that day.

Robert served six years in the marines, from 1958 to 1964. Since leaving, he has taken part in over 600 military funerals. He also helps other local veterans with denied claims with the local VA hospital.

According to Robert, a soldier who spotted him at the art fair thought he was a phony, and reported him to a cop named John O'Connor who had been standing nearby.

The detective reportedly approached Robert. "He made the comment that 'I have to investigate for stolen valor,'" Robert explained to the local ABC affiliate. "Which I thought was a little insulting."

Robert says that, despite being insulted, he let it go and told the officer, "Next year maybe you can come down to our ceremony and bring some friends."

The cop reportedly left for a moment before returning and confronting Robert again. "He demanded, practically shouting, 'Where did you go to boot camp?'" Robert said. "I realized at that point this was very strange."

This is when, Robert says, he asked the officer to leave him alone.

Then, according to Robert, the cop began addressing the crowd of people at the art fair, shouting, "He's a fake, he doesn't know where he went to boot camp."


The soldier who had originally reported Robert allegedly also joined in, pointing at him and shouting that he was a phony and had never been a marine.

Hunting down people who are "stealing valor" has become something of a hobby for many members of the military, who often post videos of themselves humiliating people who they suspect of fakery.

Robert says he produced his VA identification and showed it to the cop. "And this guy turns around to all the people to say, 'It's a fake, anybody can print those.'"

According to Robert, after this, he attempted to leave. "I moved away and I kept telling these two guys to please stay away from me," he said. "But they kept it up, they followed me. This went on for ten-fifteen minutes."

The cop's supervisor then also reportedly came to speak to Robert. "The captain told me that maybe I would just wanna leave," Robert said.

Robert refused to leave, and stayed at the art fair. But, he says, the cop who had initially confronted him spent the rest of his time there glaring at him.

Speaking of the incident to Penn Live, Robert said, "It was the most humiliating experience of my whole life."

Harrisburg Police have launched an internal investigation.

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A guy who called the cops because some people cheered at a graduation vs. a man who slashed someone's tires because she sat in his favorite seat at bingo

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